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"Good morning beautiful." Logan says wrapping his arms around me from behind. "Hey will someone get me a plate, I can't reach." Evan says.

Both boys come running to the kitchen to get a plate from the cupboard.

Leahmarinetea20, Sydney-West, hair :] so someone please talk to me and ill put my skype its ; sog1968 alternative/soft music, photography, art, comedy Alternative buy somehow soft aswell tho i dont dislik...

One thing leads to another and she finally finds herself a boyfriend. "I'm fine I promise, but Logan omg this is incredible." I say hugging him. I thought he was killing you or something."Emilio says. "Shocker considering you haven't taken an eye off of your game that I am going to win." I say smirking. "Wow you guys are so nice." I say punching them playfully. "I'll call Ayla and have her help us." He says. We get the plans figured out and I book the flight. --texts-- My prince 👑: hey babe, are you still at Team 10? "There, we acknowledged you." Emilio said chuckling. Do you want me to come home or are you coming here?

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